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How It Works

After registration closes, Elite Membership students are matched into a small group of similar students and a fully licensed practicing OD as your coach specializing in teaching your selected primary area of focus. In weekly, virtual, 2.5 hour sessions, your coach guides you and your group through a customized, personal, and private schedule and keeps you on track. There is no better way to do this than live and in small groups. They create active learning, support, motivation, and commitment. Everyone is bringing their best each week to push each other. We think small group coaching is what students who struggle with boards need the most. It’s also our students’ favorite part!
All KMK Coaching students are upgraded to the Signature Course (up to a $2000 value), which is built into the program. While following a daily Signature plan guiding you through all the material, you can tell our coaching team real time where you are struggling. A coach monitors your comments and, at the end of every week, leads Community Live Coaching. The entire KMK Coaching community is invited to these weekly, virtual, 3 hour sessions to review the hardest concepts of the Signature week and answer your questions. Even better, they are recorded and available to watch on demand.

There is more to passing boards than studying. The right mindset is key. Success Coaches are integrated into the program to help you do just that. These practicing optometrists have been in your shoes and then passed boards. You can do this – take it from them.

Days before memberships begin, registered students are invited into the private KMK Coaching Community within the Optometry Network. This intuitive, powerful platform creates the perfect place for us to share ideas, post learning tips and quizzes, schedule our live events, ask questions, answer questions, and offer motivation. Everyone in this community knows what you are going through. It’s designed specifically for you.

When Should I Take Coaching?

We always recommend starting early vs late. That may mean signing up for coaching a season before your exam. For instance, if you are taking the March exam, have an overall score under 200 and/or on your 6+ attempt, fall is best for you. Get a jump start on your preparation with an Elite Membership and then keep building January – March with a complimentary Community Membership. You could even purchase more small group coaching in the winter coaching program if you wanted a second area of focus targeted. If you have an overall score over 200 and/or have multiple attempts left, winter (the season of your exam) may be best for you.

How Long Does Coaching Last?

Elite and Community Memberships last for 11 weeks in Part 1 and 9 weeks for Part 2. While your membership is active, you’ll have access to all KMK’s online learning tools plus all your live coaching events are recorded for on demand viewing. All content created during a membership expires at the end of the membership or the morning of the last day students are eligible to take the upcoming NBEO exam. Students are removed from the KMK Coaching Community and will no longer have access to the content created during their membership.

What Happens If I Take Coaching and I Am Still Unsuccessful?

There is no magic to passing boards – just hard work, a solid plan, and studying in the right way. With coaching, we have seen remarkable success from students even after 6+ previous unsuccessful attempts. Some students we see major improvement, but they still fall short. For students who purchase an Elite Membership and are unsuccessful, we’ve got your back! A Community Membership is complimentary for up to 1 year ($6000 value). Unsuccessful Elite Membership students also get the earliest access to purchasing more small group coaching before it opens to the rest of the country. For students who purchase a Community Membership and are unsuccessful, a new fee applies to join KMK Coaching.

Academic Integrity

We take academic integrity seriously. In fact, it’s one of KMK’s core values! So does the NBEO. Being in this community means members agree to have read, understand, and will abide by the NBEO Ethics Policy found on their website. What is seen on their exams must stay there. Period. Members found to not be in complicance with the NBEO Ethics Policy will be removed from the Optometry Network, banned from KMK, and we are obligated to file a report to NBEO.

Great doctors do things the right way and do not take short cuts. It’s what our patients deserve.

Important Dates

August 28: Fall enrollment opens

September 28: Fall enrollment closes

October 2: Fall memberships begin

November 7: Winter enrollment opens

December 5 or 7: NBEO Part 2 Exam

December 15: Winter enrollment closes

December 17: Fall coaching ends

January 1: Winter memberships begin

March 17: Fall/Winter memberships end

March 18-21: NBEO Part 1 Exam

April 2: NBEO Part 2 Exam

Get What You Need by Registering Early

Registration opens about one month prior to the start of each seasonal program and closes days before it begins. To keep up to date with registration dates and deadlines, visit our website at

You Can Do This. We Can Help.

You can dominate boards on your next attempt. It starts with joining a community of students who are all dealing with the same challenge as you, with a KMK Coach pushing you, and helping you gain the confidence that you are doing it exactly right this time. This private, personal attention has limited capacity, so join early. Join the community dedicated to helping put boards behind you and your career as an optometrist in front of you.