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You are not alone. Over 575+ future ODs has used KMK Coaching to help them pass boards and increase their overall scores by an average of 6x compared to prior attempts 

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We bring together content and community. Designed to bring you out of isolation, get you in the right mindset, and improve your learning tactics, make the most of this group – it is here for you!

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A community is the backbone and the plan is the key to unlocking your success. Your future is waiting and we are excited to get you there.


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🤔 A Retake Is Hard.  The Power of Elite Changes the Outcome.

Match with a fully licensed practicing OD specializing in teaching your area of focus. Get weekly instruction from your coach with 3-4 colleagues walking you through your plan while keeping you on track. There is no better way to do this than live and in small groups. Bring your best every week and push each other.


ODs have trusted KMK Coaching to help them #dominate their next attempt.


On average students who used the Elite Coaching program raised their score by 130 points.

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On Average Students Only Get 20 Points Better On Their Own.
You Can Do Better.

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Coaching offers more options than ever before based on your budget and focus to customize your plan

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Get matched with expert instructors and success coaches all here to help support you as you prep to #dominate your next attempt.

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Pass boards and land an awesome career with free perks as part of your KMK Coaching membership.

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Not passing boards is a devastating feeling that often has students asking themselves and us what went wrong. Coaching students increase overall scores by 100+ points whether it is a second or sixth attempt.